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Camping gear for your next adventure: solar powered lantern

Posted on August 21 2018

Camping gear for your next adventure: solar powered lantern

Get the power of the sun in your stride!

Anyone can pretty much use a battery or a fuel powered devices, but when the batteries or the fuel runs out, you are left with no option! The Suaoki Solar Collapsible LED Lantern  harnesses the power of the sun to keep your tent, picnic table, and campsite lit for hours plus gets your cell phone charged using in-built USB port. Forget your old AA/AAA dry battery today and take the sunlight on the go!

Unique Feature: This lantern can be used as lighting or an SOS call using SOS flashing mode for emergency.


  • Affordable price. You can bring this solar-powered camping lantern home for under $35.
  • Lightweight and compact construction. The lantern weighs only 6.7 ounces (almost equal to three eggs). This makes it easy to stow away in small packs.
  • Long-lasting charge. The built-in solar panels are rechargeable and last up to ten hours after a eight-hour charge in direct sunlight, so you can expect steady light for at least most of the night.
  • Three lighting modes. Choose low-brightness or high-brightness to meet your different needs, and use SOS flashing mode for emergency.
  • More than a Lantern. With 800mAh battery, you can not only use it as a LED lamp but also a power bank to charge your mobile devices for extreme condition.
  • Great Companion for Outdoor Recreations. Solar powered, lightweight, water resistant, Suaoki LED lantern prepares you for any outdoor adventures, e.g. camping, hiking, traveling and fishing anytime, anywhere, and in any weather
  • Two Charging Methods. With solar panel and built-in rechargeable battery, this Suaoki camping light can be charged either under direct sunlight or via a normal Micro USB cable.
  • Water resistant design. The lantern is water resistant.



  • We honestly can’t find any nits to pick with this solar camping lantern—it’s that spectacular.


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