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Outdoor Solar Panel 20W 18V Solar Generator

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100% Brand New and High Quality and High-tech solar energy product for environmental protection

Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge

Maintain and extend your battery lifetime

Emergency recharge other 12V batteries and universal fits for 12V Cars/Boats/Motorcycles/Snowmobiles/Tractors/Camping, etc.

Just plug this solar charger into your vehicle's 12-volt lighter socket and position the panel to pick up the most daylight possible. Or, if you prefer, use the included clips to connect it directly to the battery

Packing list:

1 X 20W 18V solar panels

1 X Clip adapter


Color: white + dark blue

Material: Monocrystalline

Type: Laminated Solar Panels / Components

Interface: USB2.0+DC interface

Maximum power: 20w(W)

Working current: 1.1(A)

Operating voltage: 18 (V)

System voltage: 20 (V)

Open circuit voltage: 20 (V)

Short circuit current: 1.3 (A)

Number of batteries: 36 (only, only)

Operating voltage: 5±0.2V

A short-circuit current: 1.15A

Current temperature coefficient: ±0.05%°C

Voltage temperature coefficient: -0.33%°C

Component power temperature coefficient: -0.23%°C

Component operating temperature coefficient: 45°C(±°C)

Output voltage: 18V 1.15A & 5V 2A

Application scope:

Mobile phone, tablet and other USB interface electronic products

Can charge car battery, use as emergency power source, solar lamp


1, Light weight, 20W weight: < 0.42KG

2, High efficiency, conversion rate of 23-24%,

3, Can be bent, suitable for surface mounting

4, Easy to install, easy to install

5, Easy to maintain,

6. Wide range of adaptability, (outdoor, mountain forest, grassland, etc. generating, charging, portable emergency charging)

Product size: 42*28*1cm











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